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PuttLab 2008

Science&Motion has released PuttLab 2008 which features a new interface, dynamic integrated video technology, and new email features plus much more. For more information regarding the latest software please click here

Make Money with the SAM PuttLab

Corporate Days

The flexibility of SAM PuttLab has an excellent application for corporate days. As a novel point of difference, charge the corporate a small fee per guest for a PuttLab measurement during the round. Set up on the putting green or in the pro shop when they call in for a drink. As everyone is doing it, the traffic flows. Don’t show the guests the results at that time – email them a report with a few tips and suggest they book a formal lesson. This exercise has resulted in significant new lessons and putter sales. Additionally, a coaching relationship has been established for full swing lessons and sales of other golf equipment.


Neighboring Clubs

We think all clubs and golf businesses should have SAM PuttLab at their venue. The benefits speak for themselves. However, some golf Pros are not in a position to commit to the system. So use your relationships with neighboring clubs and venues to share the benefits. Charge other golf Pros an access or rental fee to use the system. They can either bring their students to your venue or you can teach them how to use the system and they can take it away. In this way you can diarize their booking and schedule ahead.


 Introductory Offers 

SAM PuttLab is very new to the golfing market. Not many people know about it so it’s important to communicate the benefits to your customers. A novel way to demonstrate the system capabilities is to offer one free putting assessment to all members. The session will take about 10 minutes and you will be able to provide the customers with a very quick assessment of their stroke. It will highlight the areas they need to work on using SAM PuttLab and often detect that they need correct putter fitting. The return on this investment is significant and it grows your customer relationships.

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