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PuttLab 2008

Science&Motion has released PuttLab 2008 which features a new interface, dynamic integrated video technology, and new email features plus much more. For more information regarding the latest software please click here

The different versions of SAM PuttLab.

There are three product editions of SAM PuttLab available:
Basic, Standard and Pro.

Check out the different features in the following table:

Feature Product Edition
  Basic Standard Pro
28 Putting Parameters X X X
Save / Load data X X X
Multiple sessions X X X
Player management X X X
Measurement module X X X
Training module X X X
Screen Reports X X X
Print Reports   X X
PDF export module   X X
Profile Reports   X X
Games module   X X
Database export     X
Statistics module     X
Yips module (add. data channel & special Reports)     X
Additional Triplet     X
Additional Marker (for Hand measurement)     X



All editions include the full 28 parameters for the analysis and training mode, so the training functionality is not restricted at all even in the Basic edition!

For more information or pricing requests please use our contact-form. We will process your request as soon as possible.


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