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PuttLab 2008

Science&Motion has released PuttLab 2008 which features a new interface, dynamic integrated video technology, and new email features plus much more. For more information regarding the latest software please click here

The SAM PuttLab

The SAM PuttLab is a comprehensive analysis and training system that utilizes precise ultrasound measurements.  While providing you with real-time feedback, the SAM PuttLab measures and analyzes 28 different parameters of your putting stroke that include:

  • Club Face Alignment at Address and Impact
  • Club Head Rotation
  • Swing Path Direction
  • Impact Spot on the Club Face
  • Swing Duration
  • Swing Rhythm

  •  PuttLab Features

All putting results are presented in clear, easy-to-read graphical reports. The analysis will reveal even the smallest details of a putting stroke. Using the SAM PuttLab in training mode allows you to customize your training strategy and improve on specific aspects of your putting. The SAM PuttLab features:

  • Compact Easy-to-Use Format
  • Automatic Evaluation, Measurement and Analysis of 28 Different Parameters of the Putting Stroke
  • Real-Time Feedback in Training Mode
  • Graphical Reports presented in a Clear and Precise Format
  • Comparison of Performance with the PGA Tour Pros
  • Effective Putter Fitting Data
  • Easily Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses of the Putting Stroke


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