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PuttLab 2008

Science&Motion has released PuttLab 2008 which features a new interface, dynamic integrated video technology, and new email features plus much more. For more information regarding the latest software please click here

Precise analysis of your strokes

The results of the Putting strokes registered with the SAM PuttLab are displayed in concise graphic reports. A variety of graphic reports are delivered with the system. Each of the 28 parameters measured can be included into the clearly presented data display.

Training reports: Immediate feedback after each stroke

The results for each stroke are immediately displayed on the screen. This KR (knowledge of result) feedback has proven to be the most successful training method in learning skilled movements. The PRO training reports comprise 10 different report screens. Switching between the different views is possible at any time.

 Print reports: Printouts and PDF-files – the perfect processing of your results

Results for several putting strokes registered in a measurement or training session can be displayed in multi page print reports. The colored print reports combine display of average data values, distribution of single strokes, and scoring of putting technique and movement consistency. Print reports can be inspected on the screen or printed out with high quality resolution. Additionally the reports can be exported to PDF files - this enables the coach to archive the results or to send the reports directly to the customer via email.




Competence profiles: Compare your performance with the data of PGA players

The multi-competence reports summarize the performance of a player for each parameter in colored bar charts. This data presentation is tricky: By comparing your movement competence profile with the benchmark range the strengths and weaknesses of your putting are directly apparent. The benchmarks were calculated based on the data of more than 100 PGA Tour players. The multi-competence profiles also allow to directly compare the performance using different putters and make putter fitting amazingly easy and efficient.

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