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PuttLab 2008

Science&Motion has released PuttLab 2008 which features a new interface, dynamic integrated video technology, and new email features plus much more. For more information regarding the latest software please click here

Technical data:

Product edition (size) SAM BalanceLab SAM BalanceLab Pro
Width (measurement area) 16" (41cm) 20" (51cm)
Length (measurement area) 24" (61cm) 32" (81cm)
Total size (W/L/D) 20" x 30" x 0,83" 24" x 38" x 0,83"
Number of single sensors 1536 2560
Measurement frequency 100 - 120 Hz
Measurement range 1 - 120 N/cm²
Measurement tolerance ± 7%
Interface to PC USB
Software Windows 98 / Me / XP

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